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48 Rabbit Square Road
Canning, Nova Scotia B0P 1H0

(902) 582-7806

Vermeulen Farms has been proudly providing Atlantic Canadians with fresh and healthy, hand harvested produce since 1986.  With a thriving 450 acre fresh fruit and vegetable farm in Canning, Nova Scotia, Vermeulen Farms specializes in lettuces, peppers, cucumbers, asparagus, celery, zucchini, squash, radish, melons and strawberries.  Vermeulen Farms website includes our farming philosophy, availability charts, storage tips and recipes.

What We Do

Farming, our philosophy

Using time tested traditional production methods coupled with modern scientific protocols, we grow healthy, flavourful, fresh, hand selected and hand harvested fruit and vegetables for discerning consumers.

Farming for sustainability

At Vermeulen Farms, we manage about 450 acres of some of Nova Scotia's best and most productive agricultural land. With a focus on crop rotation, at any given time we have approximately 250 acres planted in fruit and vegetable crops with the remaining land planted with corn, winter wheat and grasses to reduce weeds and diseases and build up soil reserves.

Investing in the following key areas of our operation is of utmost importance to us and a key to our success:

  • our land base
  • long-term seasoned labour with high technical abilities and production knowledge
  • new technologies
  • equipment
  • production and packing facilities
  • production protocols and standards 

In the fresh vegetable business we are known for our reliability, communication and integrity.  Our knowledge, team, facilities and commitment to quality are the Vermeulen advantage and ensure we offer a premium product on-time and to client.

Farming and food safety

Our farm and packing house are located in Canning, Nova Scotia and are Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) compliant.  This means that we follow the criteria outlined in the Canada GAP program and provide a clean and safe work environment for our farmers and clean and safe produce for our customers.  Each year, Vermeulen Farms is audited by a third party to ensure our Canada GAP compliance.

Farming and innovation

Strawberries grown in a tabletop system.  The berries hang over the sides of the tabletop as they ripen

Strawberries grown in a tabletop system.  The berries hang over the sides of the tabletop as they ripen

We understand the importance of innovation on the farm.  Andy has travelled extensively to other growing areas in Europe and North America to research growing methods and systems that may work here on the farm.  After a trip to Holland where raspberries were grown on a unique trellis system, Andy brought the concept to the farm as a method to grow tomatoes and cucumbers.

Last year we installed table tops for strawberries.  This growing method is widely used in Europe.  Strawberries are grown in a disease free soil-less mixture that eliminates the use of fumigants and reduces the use of inputs.  And at the same time, the plants are at a convenient height for pruning and picking.